ALGOGENE Research Lab

How it work

What is ALGOGENE Research Lab?

The ALGOGENE Research Lab is an open platform containing a set of APIs, which offers users the right to access data within ALGOGENE, for the backtest and development of new quantitative model, strategy, or algorithmic trading process.

What data and access can be offered?

The portal contains an in-browser 'sandbox' IDE, where API calls with the same form and function as our production environment can be made. The 'sandbox' contains 10TB+ real tick-level data streams, for instance Financial Market Data, News content, Weather, etc, which supports in-depth Quantitative Financial Research.

After login, our 'Tech Doc' page will show you all the available APIs, data stream, and quick-start examples. If you have any innovative trading idea, we strongly recommend you to sign up an account for more information.

What is the difference between sandbox and production environment?

For sandbox/backtest environment, it uses Historical Data to test whether the APIs and trading strategy are suitable for their needs and expections before go live for their trading robots. For production environment, both live-testing and real trading are provided under Real-time Data Stream.

How much will it cost to me?

All prospective users are welcome to use the Research Lab. It is currently free of charge to access our 'sandbox' with basic components. Advanced users seeking for customized features can look at our 'services' page for more details.

How can I submit Algo? How many Algo can I created?

For 'sandbox' development, Trading Algo Application(s) can be created from the "Backtest" page after logging in to your account. Once submitted an Algo for backtest, it will be executed and evaluated in the server. Before the submitted Algo finish, you are not able to sumbit another Algo, unless you have canceled the existing one. However, there are no restriction on the total number of Algo created.

For production use, you can execute multiple Algo simultaneouly. Details refer to the next thread.

How to use the API in my Algo?

We have related documentation available for each API that will help you set up the trading logic in your Algo. You may check more information at the 'Tech Doc' page.

How can I move my Algo to production?

We support 2 forms of production deployment, namely Live-Testing and Real-Trading.

After fully tested the prototype, you may go to 'Settings' page, and select your desired Algo to be exeuted for live-test or real-trade. However, for real-trading deployment, you need to firstly apply the connection configuration from our partner brokers.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at

How do I know the expiry date of my services?

Currently, there is no expiry for registered users to use the basic backtest sanbox functions.

After logging in, You can go to 'Settings' page to check the details of your subscribed services, such as services spec, payment date, amount, expiry date, etc.

Can I continue to use the sandbox or production APIs if my services have expired?

For backtest sandbox, after services expiry, you can still use the most basic functions.

For production, your Algo will stop running and you will not be able to use the APIs after expiry. To prevent any unwanted issues, we strongly recommend you to extend the services before expiration. After valid payment, the APIs will be worked again.

What are the recommended browsers for minimum security requirements?

You can access to our platform via different devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. To ensure the security of customer data, below browser versions are recommended.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 11 or above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Version 48 or above)
  • Apple Safari (Version 11 or above)
  • Google Chrome (Version 43 or above)

What is your system upgrade schedule?

Our system upgrade has been scheduled as follows. The affected services might not be available during this period.

Date* Period^ Services Affected
Every Sunday 02:30-04:30 ALGOGENE portal / Sandbox / Gateway

* The system upgrade schedule could be adjusted without prior notice.

^ Date and period are in Hong Kong Time.

How do I report issue or provide suggestions related to the APIs?

Please contact us at