These terms and conditions govern the use of any related products/ services from ALGOGENE Financial Technology Company Limited (refer to "ALGOGENE", "we", "us"). We might update these terms from time to time, by posting such changes on the website and/or notifying you with emails. Your use of our website after such changes will constitute your agreement on those updates.

1. Limited License

Provided that you agree with these terms and register as a member, ALGOGENE will grant you an independent and untransferable account to access to our platform. As a member, we provide various tools, materials and infrastructure designed for you to learn, build, and/or apply your trading algorithms/ codes/ scripts in real market. You must acknowledge that all the services we provided are for registered members use only, members are prohibited to use our platform to provide any services for third parties use, except you have received permission from us.

2. Privacy and Security

You acknowledge and consent to the Privacy Policy, specifying the collection, use and disclosure of the Personal Information, and your rights to access and correct the personal data held by us.

3. Behaviour and Conduct

You warrant and agree that, while accessing and using our platform, any non-agreed commercial use, redistribution, publishing or hacking activities (eg. unauthorized access, database scraping, sending massive messages/requests to damage our server, etc ) are strictly prohibited. Users with any of these activities discovered will be black-listed and prohibited to use our platform immediately without early notice. ALGOGENE also reserve the right to pursue the matter through legal channels.

4. Proprietary Rights

Your developed/submitted trading strategies, scripts, codes, or algorithms on the platform are primarily considered as your own intellectual property. ALGOGENE is not allowed to transfer, distribute, or use without your consensus. On the other hand, it is your duty not to include any third party’s intellectual property or other proprietary with legal rights in developing your algorithm on our platform.

5. Force Majeure

ALGOGENE will not be liable in instances where it is not able to deliver any services to which they are otherwise contractually bound due to adverse weather conditions, natural disaster, labour dispute, fire, government act, industrial action, failure of supplier or subcontractors or any other reason which is beyond the control of ALGOGENE.

6. Liability

You acknowledge and understand that we do not provide any investment advice regarding the nature, value, risk or suitability of any investment strategy, trading algorithm, financial instrument, or investment decision. You acknowledge and agree that any decisions made in reliance on our platform including any trading or investment decisions or strategies, are made at your own risk.

7. Right of Cancel Subscription

You acknowledge that you have the right to cancel any effective subscriptions. You are provided with the access right to perform the cancellation on your ALGOGENE account, or you may contact us for assistance. The cancellation, if any, has to be raised before the next billing cycle.

8. Right of Payment Dispute

Any payment dispute should be raised within 14 calendar days from the payment date. Otherwise, it is regarded to be accepted by you and you have no right to claim from ALGOGENE for that payment.

9. Right of Final Decision

ALGOGENE reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.

ALGOGENE Terms Version updated on 2021.12