ALGOGENE Mobile App Installation Guide

How it work

This article goes through the steps to "install" ALGOGENE as a mobile app.

Installation Steps

  • In your mobile device, browse

  • Press "Add" in the pop-up "Add to Home Screen".

  • ALGOGENE app will automatically create on your mobile home page.


What is the difference?

Unlike a usual native mobile app downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play, ALGOGENE adopt a Progressive Web App approach making it possible to "install" ALGOGENE in your mobile device.

  • Minimal Space: ALGOGENE simply add a shortcut link, but not physically install any packages/softwares/applications in your mobile

  • No client updates: ALGOGENE apply all updates from server side. You will always access to the latest version every time when you open the app from mobile

  • High Reliability: As a Web App, there is no way ALGOGENE can access your mobile system information (eg. address book, GPS, etc)

  • High Compatibility: With a responsive app design, you can install and access via various devices (eg. mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc)