SpiderNet #1


Strategy Description:

SpiderNet is basically a Delta-One predictive trading strategies, which continuously estimate the probability spectrum of future price movements of an underlying instrument, and to make trade decisions that yield the highest potential profit. It is derived from a customized Bayesian Network Topology with unsupervised machine learning techniques to keep trace on market regime change. The model keep continuous learning and are dynamically updating to adapt to the most recent market situation.

This trading system, currently applied to Foreign Exchange Market, has the following trading behaviors, features and requirements:

  • It is a kind of mid-to-high frequency trading strategy.
  • Holding period can be ranging from minutes to days.
  • There could be as many as tens trades per day.
  • It might carry positions overnight.
  • Capital size is feasible and could be as small as US$5k or equivalent.
  • Implement on trading account with at least 5:1 leverage ratio.

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User Comments:

Ka Ka
Performance looks good ~
To the moooooooooooooooooooon!!!!
Tony, you are my hero!! ⚡⚡
The recent performance is really awesome! 
I have been looking around different strategy marketplaces but not many can trade with good performance for over years. Just tried this algo for 2 weeks and already make some money here. 
Thanks for opening this up to retail investors. Looking forward to generate more passive income from you! :)

This year's performance is super good!
Congrats for being the Best Forex Trading Strategy this year! 


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