About the Challenge

Welcome to CASH Algo Trading Challenge 2023.

Ideate your trading algorithms, test on a robust back-testing platform, and compete to make a name for yourself! Gain professional industry knowledge and practical skills to prepare yourself as the next-gen algo-trading professional.

This Challenge is open to public. Create teams of 1~4 members with diverse skills (maths, statistics, finance, coding, presentation) and register by 22 May 2023.


1st Round: Ideate

Registered teams of 1-4 members will prepare a ppt less than 15 slides consisting of:

  • Executive summary
  • Trading idea description
  • Trading logic
  • Team biography
  • Implementation detail

Coding is not required in this round

Submission deadline: 29 May 2023

Result announced: 31 May 2023


2nd Round: Test

Teams will code their trading algorithm and test on ALGOGENE's back-testing engine, then submit the code

Judges will backtest trading algorithms for return, volatility, robustness and practicality to select advancing teams

Submission deadline: 28 Jun 2023

Result announced: 30 Jun 2023


Final Round: Compete

Each team need to compete in out-sample forward test and live paper trading

Live paper trading will last for 2 months from 1-Jul-2023 to 31-Aug-2023

Teams will present trading plan to judges in a 5-minute pitch session on final day

Judges will select winners in each of these categories:

  • Best Sharpe
  • Best Market Return
  • Best Strategy Design

Final Day: 10 Sep 2023

Judging Criteria


Form a team of 1~4 members with diverse skills (maths, statistics, finance, coding, presentation) and register by 22 May 2023.

Application is closed.


The dataset provided includes the historical trading records of Hong Kong equity market in past years. Kindly note that data provided is strictly for trading strategy prototyping purposes only. Final round evaluations will be carried out using a new data set with the same structure but from a different time period. Thus, over-fitting of the data set is discouraged.

Trading Products

  • HK Large Cap
  • ETF


Provide access to required historical data for model development and testing

  • Market data
  • News
  • Economic Statistics
  • Corporate data
  • Share holding


Access to ALGOGENE's back-testing engine, cloud simulation environment and relevant technical documents


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Supporting Organizations:

Participating Universities:

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The final result of the CASH Algo Trading Challenge 2023/24 comes out! Congratulation to all winning teams!

Best Return: live trading period 01/07/2023-31/08/2023

Best Sharpe: 1-year out-sample forward test 1/02/2022 - 31/05/2022

Rank Team Best Return
1 ACBH 30.87%
2 MASS 28.68%

Rank Team Best Sharpe
1 ACBH 3.39
2 MASS 3.05

Rank Team Best Strategy Design
1 University Street Capital Management Low and Medium Frequency Trading Algorithm Based on Deep Learning Model and R-Breaker Model. It will predict by combining the two model and dynamically update their weight.
2 Spice & Fries Our trading strategy focuses on ranking HSI stocks using the Generalized Risk-Adjusted Ratio, where risks are dynamically adjusted during different periods. We then apply Reverse MACD strategy to allocate buy/sell signals to stocks with the highest ranking.

Team Grand Prize
MASS Hybrid of mean-reversion, momentum, trend following, dual moving average crossover and key and relevant stock pairs.

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